Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pencil Pinwheel Tutorial

Hey guys! Welcome back, it's Cassie here from CuppyCake GumDrop Boutique & More. Hope you guys have had an amazing summer, however, July is coming to an end and for a lot of us school will be starting back in August! With that said, today I am going to show you how to make the cutest bow for school! A Pencil Pinwheel Hairbow! Yes, it is perfect for ANY DAY of the week and ANY school GRADE! It is adorable and I can't wait for my daughter to show her's off at school. She is going into Kindergarten this year and it was one of her main request for me to make her.
- You will see a picture of the finished pretty down below!
* Please excuse the horrible lighting, it has been storming just about all month long here in KY and so hard to get amazing light. Anyways, LOOK how adorable that bow is?!?!?! Heck I would wear it, I just might have to wear it when homeschooling my 2 year old ;)

Now, let's get started on learning how to create it.
* Don't feel alarmed with that huge pile of supplies :)
Materials Needed:
- 1.5" yellow ribbon
- 1.5" black ribbon
- 1.5" tan/light pink {{ for the eraser top }}
- 3/8" {{ prefer }}, but 5/8" glitter silver ribbon will work just as good
- 5" template {{ optional }}
- Jumbo Salon Clip
- Hotglue gun/extra hotglue sticks
- Fillet Tape
- Lighter
- Scissors
- Clip
- 3/8" white
- 3/8" yellow
* All ribbon I use is grosgrain except the glitter silver and it is polyster ribbon

Now gather those supplies and come back ready to start working :)
Step 1: Cut your 1.5" yellow ribbon about 1 yard and 13 1/2" long
Step 2: Heat seal those ends
Step 3: Place one ribbon end on the template leaving about 1.5" off the side of the template
Step 4: Wrap around your template 3 times {{ most people does 2 but I like how full 3 wraps gives you }}

Step 5: Cut the tail off leaving about a 1.5" piece on the end like you did when starting
Step 6: Take your salon clip and place it in the center of your template and ribbon

Step 7: Carefully slide the template off holding onto the salon clip and the ribbon
Step 8: Take your thread and tie the center off


Step 9: Remove the salon clip and cut off the extra thread

Step 10: Fix your pinwheel if needed

Step 11: Now take the pinwheels down tail and get ready to create the lead part of the pencil

Step 12: Cut a 1.5" piece of black heat seal the ends

* Please be careful and don't burn yourself
Step 13: Hotglue one side of the black ribbon and again please be careful
Step 14: Lay it on top of the down tail
Step 15: Cut your down tail at a point. Heat seal ends! BE CAREFUL!

Step 16: Cut about 2" of your tan ribbon and heat seal the ends
Step 17: Cut your tan long way about 3/8" wide or so heat seal {{ YES YOU CAN USE 3/8" tan IF YOU HAVE IT }} HEAT SEAL where you cut
Step 18: Cut waves or v's at the top where you heatsealed

* Heat seal but please be very careful. I use an alligator clip to hold my ribbon since I will be heat sealing close to my fingers
Step 19: Glut that across where the black and the yellow meets
* Cut off the extra ribbon and heat seal

* We are now moving to the top of the pinwheel
Step 20: Cut about a 7/8" piece of tan and heat seal {{ YES YOU CAN USE 7/8" TAN IF YOU HAVE IT }} and heat seal the ends again please be careful not to burn yourself
Step 21: Apply hotglue to one side and place on the top tail of the bow

Step 22: Cut about 1.5" piece of your glitter ribbon
* If you are using 5/8" then you may need to trim some off the top. I fyou are not and you are using 3/8" you don't do anything. Since I am using 5/8" I need to trim and heat seal
Step 23: Glue that piece to the ribbon where the tan meets the yellow
Step 24: Curve your eraser top and heat seal

* I forgot to grab my 3/8" yellow  but if you don't have it handy like me then you can use your left over 1.5" yellow :)
Step 25: Cut 4.5" of your yellow
- Trim about 3/8" long strip off and heat seal

Step 26: Line your clip
Step 27: Add your clip to back of the bow
Step 28: Now wrap your yellow around the center of the bow to the back

- Do the same for the other side
Step 29: Flip Over and Fix to your liking

- Tip: I spray mine with white rain "scented"hairspray to hold its look/shape. It also helps the tails stand up verses "flopping" over.

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