Monday, December 14, 2015

Wrapping that special present

Hi ladies! Hope you all are staying warm! Did you all check out Cassie's tutorial on how to make a Gift Bow?? If you haven't, click here: Gift Bow. It's the latest rage this season in the bow making world!

I know several of you ladies will be using these cute bows as gifts too! Today I'm going to show you how to wrap a present in a unique way. Then you can just attach the gift bow on top and you are all ready to give a present to that special girl!

This method is not new, but some of you may have yet to try it. It's the most common way Japanese people wrap their presents. If you purchase something at a store and ask for it be gift-wrapped, you'll see the store clerk wrap it up in just a few seconds using this method! Now of course this is their job so they have practiced it over and over. But I'm sure with a little practice, anyone can get it down!!

Just take a look at the speed this woman has with her wrapping skills!!

First, here is a great picture tutorial. But it's all in Japanese! So I'll break it down as we go!

Here's what you need:
- a present to wrap (square/rectangle shaped)
- a ruler
- wrapping paper
- scissors
- one piece of tape
- matching ribbon and pre-made gift bow on a lined alligator clip

The most tedious part of this method is cutting the best paper size. In order to do this, you will need to measure your gift and find the following:
- height
- width
- length

For this tutorial I will be wrapping a small box of chocolate. I will also be using a plain, white piece of wrapping paper to allow the bow to be the certain focus!

For my chocolate box, I measured the following:
- height: 2"
- width: 3.25"
- length: 5.25"

*For the length of your wrapping paper, do the following equation:
(height + height + height + length + length)
I got (2 + 2 + 2 + 5.25 + 5.25 = 16.5")

*For the width of your wrapping paper, do the following equation:
(height + height + width + width)
I got ( 2 + 2 + 3.25 + 3.25 = 10.5")

Cut your wrapping paper to the dimensions you just calculated.  The length of my wrapping paper was cut at 16.5" and the width at 10.5".  After you cut your paper, make sure the backside of the paper is facing up with the length-side going up and down. I drew on the backside of my paper the dimensions and a line from the upper-left corner diagonally down to the right-lower corner.  The diagonal line will assist you in where to place your present when you start to wrap.  It is not necessary to draw this line.  If you do draw the line, I suggest using a pencil and drawing a line very lightly so that it won't be seen from the opposite side and it won't be so noticeable when the receiver opens their present.

Next place your present on the paper with the bottom right corner sticking out about 2 cm (a little less than 1 inch). You want to make sure that your box forms a perfect lower case letter "t" with the diagonal line on the wrapping paper. Your angles with the box and the diagonal line will be at 90 degrees each.
Make sure the package is close to the bottom of the page.  When you pull the lower right corner up and over the present, it should just reach about halfway over the top.  The corner of the wrapping paper should be pointing directly towards the diagonal line drawn on the wrapping paper. (On your first few times using this method you may want to tape the wrapping paper to the present.)
Next, on the left side, use your finger and push in the paper while pulling up the left side of the wrapping paper.
Here are the important points you need to remember when making each fold.  As you pull the paper up, you want to make sure that your edges align with one another and that your creases are crisp.  Also, make sure there are no air pockets between the wrapping paper and the present as you fold each side.
After you fold up, fold over the top.
Next, perform the same step on the top area of the box.
This time, fold that long piece of paper over until you reach the backside of the present.
Then, perform the same fold on the right side.
Finally, you will do one last fold with the remaining paper on the top.  Keep folding it over until no paper remains.
Take one piece of tape and adhere the loose flap to the present.
Your wrapping is now complete! Now I took my gift bow and made sure the lined alligator clip is attached.
I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the present length wise.  I just taped the ribbon to the back.  Feel free to use a glue gun to attach the ends of the ribbon together on the back.
Clip your bow to the ribbon!  Look how cute that looks!
And there you go!  Your wrapped present is all ready to go under the Christmas tree!  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a great holiday season. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sharpie Mugs... Have you tried it before?

We keep debating on trying this thing here. Sharpie mugs. MMM. Seems easy enough, maybe?!?

- Could I completely BOMB it? Yep! lol

If you have tried it share with us your experience.

- Please note: We do not take credit for the tutorial or anything associated with the above link.

Need Ideas for Christmas crafts, etc..... We found a great link for you

As a mom and a blogger, I love looking for new ideas/crafts/recipes to do. Today we decided since Christmas is coming up to go on a search for you and share with you the wonderful links we find. Some of the items we may or may not do. We just want to give you something other than our pretty ribbon to look at ;)

- We do NOT take credit for ANYTHING found on the link.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How to make a gift bow bow... by sewing

Hey guys!
We know you can't get enough of the gift bow - bows, right? Well, today I am going to show you how to make them by SEWING. Yes sewing. But oh my goodness they are super cute, easy and fun to make. Can wear them year round too, I know I probably will haha.
So let's gather those supplies and get started.
Supplies Needed:
* 7/8" Ribbon
* Needle/Thread
* Hotglue/Hotglue gun
* Lighter
* Scissors
Step 1:
- Cut your ribbon.
* 3 pieces of 7/8" ribbon at 8" and heat seal the ends
* 3 pieces of 7/8" ribbon at 7" and heat seal the ends
* 1 piece of 7/8" ribbon 2.5" and heat seal the ends
Step 2:
- Fold your 3" of 8" ribbon in half and create a crease.
- Unfold and put the needle and thread {{ make sure you have a knot }} in the center of the crease you just made. .
- Fan out the ribbons.
- Start to fold the ends and lay them on top of the needle.
Step 3:
- Keep folding the ends onto the needle until all the ends are completed.
Step 4:
- Repeat Step 2-3 for the 3 pieces of 7" of 7/8" ribbon
- Fold your 3" of 7" ribbon in half and create a crease.
- Unfold and put the needle and thread {{ make sure you have a knot }} in the center of the crease you just made. .
- Fan out the ribbons.
- Start to fold the ends and lay them on top of the needle.
* - Keep folding the ends onto the needle until all the ends are completed.
Step 5:
- Pull the parts to the knot at the end of your thread.
- Cut the tread off
- Tie several knots in the ribbon
Step 6:
Take your 2.5" of 7/8" ribbon
- Create a circle shape
- Apply hotglue to the ends
- Then apply hotglue to the top of the ends you just glued
- Then lay that directly in the center of your bow over the knots

Now at this point you can add your clip or headband or add it to your presents
- I however like my bows stiff so I spray them down with hairspray and blow dry them dry.
* You want to also add a piece of felt to the bottom of your bow before you add your hardware.
- Once you add your felt, add your hardware and then I always secure the hardware down with another piece of felt.

Love these, they can be created with any size of ribbon. I have made them using 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" ribbon. They are super cute, adorable, simple, easy and makes fun additions to presents for Christmas and or Birthday's.

- Hope you have enjoyed learning how I make my gift bow bows. Even though we had to sew they are still very easy and simple to sew. Nothing major :))
* Happy Holiday's from my home to yours.