Friday, July 31, 2015

The Sweet and Simple Bow and How to Spice it Up

Hey there, Cassie recently did a post on the sweet and simple bow and afterwards, we noticed requests for how to change it up with different size ribbon and some other variations. So here we go.

First, we'll need to make our bow.
For the Standard 4.5" size bow, we'll need:

  • 2 - 10" strips of 1.5" ribbon
  • 1 -5" ribbon spike with 1.5" ribbon
  • 1 strip of 3/8 to wrap the center (about 2-3") 
  • 1 lined alligator clip
  • needle, thread, straight pin
  • glue gun 
  • lighter
  • rhinestone mesh (for blinged out variation) 
For the Mini Sweet and Simple 3" bow, we'll need all of the above except for the the 1.5" ribbon, those are replaced with: 
  • 2 - 7" strips of 7/8" ribbon
  • 1 - 3.5" ribbon spike with 7/8 ribbon
Lots of pretty ribbon :) I precut the spikes with v-cuts

Step 1: 
Heat seal all ends with the lighter (or wood burner if you prefer, just make sure to seal the ends to keep them from shredding later). 

Step 2:
*Note: I'll be showing instructions for the 4" bow, but the basic instructions are exactly the same with the mini version. 
Take the ribbon strips and create a couple loops, paper chain style, with all ends pinched together in the center then squish it down into the x shape and pin in place with a straight pin. With all the ribbon ends tucked away in the middle, you shouldn't be able to see them from the outside of the bow. This just makes the finished bow look cleaner in my opinion. 

 Make sure all loops are even before proceeding to step 3. :)

Step 3:
Pin the spike to the back of the bow, making sure it is centered . Then run a few stitches through the center of the bow, wrap around the center with thread and pull tight, creating a crease. Wrap center a few more times, then tie off in the back using an anchor stitch. I went ahead and created the mini bow also, so it is shown already sewn. Isn't the mini version just too cute?

Step 4:
Attach your clip and wrap the center with 3/8 ribbon. Using the glue gun, put a small dab of glue on the back of the bow and glue on your lined clip. Then glue the 3/8 ribbon to the top of the bow and wrap the center, making sure to go through the clip so you don't wrap it shut. 

Now, your basic bow is finished. You can stop here or move on to the next step, blinging out the bow. 

Bling step 1: 
Take a small piece of rhinestone mesh (2 rows wide, by about 6 long) and glue to the center of the bow. Make sure trim the threads of the mesh as close to the stone as possible, you can also use a lighter to burn off the excess threads on the sides.

Bling Step 2: Take 2 strips of mesh (1x8) and glue to the ends of the spike. Put a small line of glue on the edge of the spike and then carefully push the mesh into it, being careful to work the mesh around the V cut. 

Left side with glue, right side with stones attached.
Repeat with other side of spike. 

Now you know how to bling the bow. Keep in mind, instead of mesh in the center, you can also use rhinestone buttons, bottlecaps, felties, or anything else you'd like to spice up your bow. These are super simple to make and are a great alternative for kids who just don't like super big bows. 
Top Bling bow
Bottom Row: Mini bows - the pink used a slightly shorter ribbon set, but I didn't like that as much.

You can also use a solid ribbon with bling, or change it up and use multiple colors! 

Feel free to post your own creations in the comments! We would love to see them! 

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