Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lining a Hair Clip ヘアクリップに裏地を付ける

One of the first, basic things you need to know before making any bows is: how to line a clip with ribbon. It's not as difficult as it may sound! Let's get started!! まず始める前に、リボン作成の基本を知っておきましょう。リボンを使ってどのようにヘアクリップを作るか。それは思っているより難しくないということ!それでは始めましょう!!

Gather all your supplies! You'll need the following:
- 3/8 inch ribbon
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Lighter
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Clip (for this example I will use a 1.75" single pronged alligator clip)
- リボン 幅約1cmのもの
- ハサミ
- 線引き
- ライター
- グルーガン
- グルーガンスティック
- ヘアクリップ(ここでは、約4.5cmのシングルヘアクリップを使っています)

First, plug in your glue gun to get it nice and hot!
Take your 3/8" ribbon and cut one strip to 4.5". Next seal your ends using a lighter. Carefully and quickly run your lighter across the edge of your ribbon to seal the ends. This will keep your ribbon from fraying. Please be careful whenever you are using a hot glue gun or lighter.

Next, put glue on about 1.25" of the back of your ribbon. 次に温まったグルーガンで約3cm程、リボン裏の片端にのりを付けます。
Attach the ribbon to the bottom of the top portion of the clip. Put glue along the entire top of the clip. Fold over the ribbon and attach it to the top.  Put glue on the remaining portion of the ribbon. Fold over and attach to the clip. (**At the end of this tutorial I will show you an alternative way to do the backend of the clip.)ヘアクリップの上部の内側から沿って貼り、のりをクリップ上部全体に付けリボンを貼ります。リボンの残りの部分にのりを付け、クリップに沿ってつまみの間に折り込み貼り付けていき、余りの部分もクリップに沿って貼り付けます。(**最後の説明で、この部分の他の作り方もご説明します。)

You have now partially lined your clip!! Congratulations!! You're done! You can now attach the clip to a bow or use it alone as a hair clip.

Some people like to fully line their clips. To do this, you will need to cut your ribbon a little longer in the beginning. Continue to line the bottom portion of your clip like previously instructed in this tutorial. ヘアクリップ全体をリボンで覆うのが好きな人もいますが、これをするには始めにリボンを長く切る必要があります。続けてヘアクリップの下部にも、前文で説明した様に貼り付けていきます。

Some people like to attach other products or shelf liner to the inside of clips. This will ensure that the clips stay in fine, thin hair. In hot and humid weather, I advise being careful using the shelf liner. I find that it can melt!! 他にも小物を付けたり、滑り止めシートを内側に付ける人もいます。髪の毛が細い人は、滑り止めシート使うとしっかり留められる事が出来ます。気温の高いところや、湿気の多いところでは、溶けてしまう事もあるので滑り止めの使用にも気をつけて下さい。

**Also, here is the alternative to the backside of the clip. Instead of gluing the backend, do not put any glue on the backend. Instead, pull the ribbon down and attach it to the bottom portion of the clip only. 

I personally only half line my clips and I push in and glue the ribbon to the backend of the clip. I also do not add something on the inside of my clips. This is just my preference.

Whether you are lining a clip for your daughter, granddaughter or customer; know their likes and needs. Find out what works for them best! This will be key to your success! Now you are on your way to making some cute bows and more!

**翻訳者 - Y.H.

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