Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to make a simple elegance bow

Hey crafters!

It is Cassie here from CuppyCake GumDrop Boutique & More. Can you believe that it is already July? Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?!? I had no idea at all, so we wanted to make this tutorial part of the celebration! Today, we will be showing you how to make what we {{ Me :) }} a Simple Elegance Bow. It is pretty much one of the most simplest bows to make. To show our love for icecream we are going to be using some of my favorite ribbon from Hairbow Center!

Look how gorgeous that bow is?!?! Isn't it just the cutest thing EVER!?! Now let's get started so you can make these pretties as well. <3
Just a side note, I have asked people why I call them the way I do? Simple answer is I like being different and I like changing things up a bit and making stuff sound PRETTY! :)

Now let's gather those supplies!
- 1.5" ribbon {{ yes you can also use 7/8" but measurements will not work with that size ribbon }}
- 3/8" ribbon
- Salon Clip
- Thread
- Hot glue gun & extra sticks
- Lighter
- Scissors
- Lined Clip {{ not pictured and not showing in the tutorial, figured you guys know how to do that part already <3 }}


Now let's get those supplies and get started!
Step 1: You want to cut 2 pieces of 10" ribbon and 1 piece of 5" ribbon

Step 2: Now you want to heat seal the ends of your 2, 10" pieces

Step 3: Take your 2 pieces and fold in half, make sure to crease the end good

Step 4: Open your ribbon so you can see your crease

Step 5: Place ribbons on each other creating a plus sign effect {{ make sure to match your creases up the best you can }}

Step 6: Take the right side fold to the middle

Step 7: Take the bottom piece and fold to the middle

Step 8: Take the left piece and fold to the middle

Step 9: Take the top piece and fold to the middle

Step 10: Now carefully, lift up the bow and place your salon clip in the center

Step 11: Tie off the center of the bow

Step 12: Remove the salon clip

Step 13: You want to take a moment and check to make sure they are all even. Though they look uneven they may not always be.

* Mine are even.

Step 14: Now you want to put that aside and get your 1, 5" piece of ribbon out

* Do NOT heat seal the ends "yet"
Step 15: Now fold the ribbon in half, crease the center

Step 16: Fold the "OPEN" ends in half upward

Step 17: Cut at a diagonal on that end

Step 18: Now your ribbon should have "V" cuts on BOTH ends of the ribbon

* At this point HEAT SEAL those ends
Step 19: Now, you want to take your salon clip on the crease

Step 20: Tie the center off

Step 21: Remove the salon clip and add hot glue on the center

Step 22: Take the main bow and place the back directly on top of the hotglue in the center
Step 23: Press til dried

Step 24: Take your 3/8" ribbon, heat seal one end.

Step 25: Add hotglue to the end

Step 26: Flip the bow over

Step 27: Apply the 3/8" to the back of the bow

Step 28: Wrap all the way around the bow until you get back to the back of the bow, cut access ribbon off, heat seal the end and add hotglue and attach to the back of the bow.

At this point you are done, you can add your clip, elastic metal headband and go.

* Tips: When I am making mine sometimes my loops drives me completely insane and I just add some hotglue to make them stay into place. View the 2 pictures below to see how to do that
IMG_4420 IMG_4421

IMG_4425 IMG_4424

Now we are done and you just learned how to make one of my BEST sellers, " Simple Elegance Bows " These are super adorable and SUPER easy!

Thanks for joining me today as we show you how to create this adorable bow. See you next time. Have a great day!

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