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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meet the owner of Boutique Sprinkles Blog!

Good Morning! 

Today we are going to be introducing you to the wonderful ladies behind Boutique Sprinkles Blog and Boutique Sprinkles. 

Right now let's share a huge thank you to the wonderful family behind Boutique Sprinkles. 

Marie Rojas is the proud owner of Boutique Sprinkles. Her and her husband works hard in providing us with the BEST quality and designs for ribbon. We are truly grateful. 

The Rojas Family started Boutique Sprinkles a few years ago and each and every year they grow more into a business. They give us the BEST NEWEST QUALITY of ribbon that we could ever ask for. 

They offer glitter, foil, and holographic ribbon! 

They also offer cheer bow size ribbon 3" in GLITTER! AHHHHH! Right?!?! GLITTER! Yes, adorable I must tell you and so very well worth it <3 


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