Thursday, May 5, 2016

Key fob tutorial

Hey everyone! How's everyone's spring warming up? It's been getting warm where I am which puts me in the mood for more crafting!  I love making these key fobs and if you have never made one before, it's so easy.  I am actually horrible at sewing but I am able to make these key fobs. The key is: you must have a sewing machine!

First lets gather our supplies!

You need the following:
- ribbon
- sewing machine and matching thread (I use transparent thread for my top stitching)
- webbing (I use cotton webbing because I like the feel and sturdiness of it.)
- scissors
- lighter
- ruler
- pliers (the best pliers to use are called - Fastener Pliers.  I didn't have the available where I am so I use a bent nosed plier and a long nosed plier.
- plated clamp and split ring for key fobs
- hot glue gun and glue sticks (optional)
- towel (optional)

First, cut your webbing to your desired length.  For me, I am making a smaller key fob to put on a set of keys or to hang on the side of a bag.  I cut mine to the length of 6 inches.  (I know several people who cut their webbing to twice the length of this or more so that people can slide their wrist through the key fob in order to carry their keys.)
Next cut your ribbon to just slightly longer than the length of your ribbon.  My webbing is 6 inches long.  So I cut my ribbon to 6.5 inches long.  I do this to leave a little room for possible shifting that can happen during sewing.
Often before I cut my ribbon, I lay the ribbon on top of the webbing and fold it in half.  This allows me to see what portion of the ribbon will be seen after my project is complete.
After you finish cutting, center the ribbon on top of the webbing making sure it is even on all sides. At this point, you are welcome to seal your ribbon and webbing ends with a lighter, but it is not necessary at this point.  I recommend you do this step after you finish sewing.
Sew along the edge of the ribbon on one of the long sides.
Now sew along the ribbon on the opposite side.
This is what you will end up with.
Cut off the excessive thread and ribbon.
Use a lighter to seal your ends carefully.
I put a thin strip of hot glue on the inside edge of where the two ends will meet.  This is not necessary.  I do this to help the tops stay in place when I am attaching the clamp.
Next, place the clamp on the edge of the webbing and ribbon. Make sure you have the smooth side of the clamp on the side you want as the front of your key fob.
This is a side view prior to using pliers.
Use your pliers to gently secure your clamp to the webbing.
In order to ensure I don't leave marks from the pliers on my clamp, I place a thin towel in between the pliers and the clamp.  This isn't necessary if you have a pair of professional fastener pliers.
And there you are!  You are done! Just attach the split ring to the top!
Here are some other ones I made using some amazing Boutique Sprinkles ribbon.  The pictures don't do this ribbon justice.  It's just gorgeous!

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