Monday, February 15, 2016

Are you looking for ribbon & Boutique Sprinkles is sold out? If so, this is for you. Check out our wholesalers today.

Hey ya'll

Have you been looking for that one Boutique Sprinkles ribbon and can not find it. Don't worry, we do have wholesalers who may have it. Below you will find a list of those who may have. So head on over {{ mostly on facebook }} and check it all out. 

  1. Cassie Wilson- Backwoods Bowtique Supplies
  2. Lacy Cooper- Bow Wonderland Supplies
  3. Sandy Brawley -
  4. Brandy Reaux-Castillo- Lia's Things_ (Group)   (Etsy)
  5. Toni Barbieri-Impiccini (website)  (Etsy)
  6. Faye Lowe - Little Monkey Ribbons (Australian)
  7. Carrie Simon-Cristan 

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