Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to make a Ruffled Pumpkin Clip/Headband.....

Good Day Everyone! It is Cassie here, from CuppyCake GumDrop Boutique & More, today I will be showing you how to make an adorable Ruffled Pumpkin hair clip and or headband. With the holiday's creeping up on us and the weather getting chillier {{ here in KY anyways }} what a better why to start it off by creating some adorable pumpkin hair accessories, right?!

Look how adorable that is?!!? Yes, I know right? Adorable, simple and super quick to make. So let's gather up the supplies and get ready.

Supplies you will need are:
Needle/thread {{ sorry but I promise it is super easy! }}
Pliers {{ optional }}
15" orange 1.5" grosgrain ribbon
4" orange 3/8" grosgrain ribbon
Scrap Brown 7/8" grosgrain ribbon {{ at least an inch }}
A partially lined alligator clip {{ orange to match the bow is best }}
Skinny elastic {{ optional -> I will be showing how to add it to a skinny elastic headband also }}
felt circle {{ optional -> I will be showing how to add it to a skinny elastic headband also....... You may have to "trim" it to fit your overall size of pumpkin }}

Now, gather those supplies and come right backIMG_4645

Step 1: Get your needle/thread and your 15" of 1.5" orange ribbon and let's get started
Step 2: Take your needle through the bottom corner of the ribbon
Step 3: Go through the ribbon again, "weaving" your needle in and out all the way along the bottom of the ribbon
Step 4: When you are almost done you need to make sure your needle goes out the bottom of the ribbon just like how you started it
- Yours should now look like this if you flatten out all the ruffles
Step 5: You want to pull the thread so your ribbon will "ruffle" up
- Your want to push it all the way down to the "knot" on your thread
Step 6: Get both of the end pieces of your ruffle and sew them together
- Get to the end you cut off the needle/thread and tie it off. Once you tie it off you want to cut the access thread
- Knot the end of your thread
Step 7: Crease the center of the ruffle
Step 8: Sew through the center
- Cut off the needle/thread
Step 9: Take your 3/8" 4" piece of orange and wrap around the center and secure it where you sewn it.
Step 10: Take your brown ribbon scrap and cut a "pumpkin top" shape out of it and heat seal EVERY side.
Step 11: Apply hotglue along the bottom of that piece, lay it in the center of the back of your pumpkin
- Flip your pumpkin over and add a drop of hotglue to the bottom part of the ribbon to join both ruffles together
- Add your clip if you want just a hair clip
>>>> If you would like to see it applied to a skinny elastic headband please scroll on down and keep following :)) <<<<
- Get your skinny elastic, heat seal BOTH ends. Add a drop of hotglue to one end, join the other end on top of it to adhere both ends together. Press until they are secured. Apply a drop of hotglue to the center of your felt. {{ If you need to trim your felt piece up to fit the back of your pumpkin please do so before you apply the headband to the center }} Then, apply the headband {{ where you secured the ends together }} to the hotglue drop. Press firm til secured. Then apply a generous amount of hotglue to the felt and then apply it to the back of your pumpkin. Press firm til it is secured into place.


>>>> Hope you all enjoyed this adorable Ruffled Pumpkin Tutorial. Have a great day! <<<<

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